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Turkey & Quinoa

Turkey & Quinoa

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Hey there, two-legged foodies! Chef Ellie back in the kitchen, and oh boy, do I have a dish that'll make your pup's nose twitch and tail wag—introducing my Turkey & Quinoa Gently Cooked Recipe! 🦃🌾

Let's get straight to the delectable details: Imagine ground turkey so tender, it melts in your mouth, mixed with turkey liver that’s a powerhouse of nutrients.

Then I toss in some quinoa—oh yes, we're going gourmet and grain-free here! Add a medley of veggies like broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots, and we're talking about a recipe even a hooman would envy.

For that extra zing, there are raspberries, and the whole dish is seasoned with calcium carbonate, cod liver oil, salt, and kelp. Gently cooked with love, just the way we canines like it!

When it comes to portions:

  • For the adult fur brigade, it's 5.0 ounces for every 10 lbs. of good boy or girl.
  • And if you’re a pupper, expecting, or nursing, you're in for a treat with 9.50 ounces per 10 lbs.

Storing this mouth-watering meal is a breeze. Keep it in the freezer and just thaw it in the fridge when it's grub time. Once thawed, it'll keep its yumminess for up to 7 days sealed, and 5 days after opening.

So, loving hoomans, why would you ever go back to that mundane kibble when you can serve a meal that’s worthy of a tail-wagging ovation? Make the best choice for your fur family, and switch to this Turkey & Quinoa Gently Cooked Recipe today!

Paws and spoons up, everyone! 🐾🥄

Details for Hoomans:

INGREDIENTS: Ground Turkey, Turkey Liver, Quinoa, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Carrots, Raspberries, Calcium Carbonate, Cod Liver Oil, Salt, Kelp.

*All ingredients are gently cooked with love.

Adult Dog: Feed 5.0 ounces for every 10 lb. of dog’s weight. Puppy, Pregnant, or Lactating: Feed 9.50 ounces for every 10 lb. of dog’s weight.

Store in a freezer, thaw in refrigerator. Thawed, stays fresh sealed up to 7 days, once open use within 5 days.

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