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Turkey & Oats

Turkey & Oats

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Woof-hoo, beloved hoomans! Chef Ellie back with a dish that’s sure to make you—and your pup—gobble with glee. Presenting my Turkey and Oats Gently Cooked Recipe! 🦃🌾

Now, let me wag my tail and break this down for you. We're talking ground turkey and turkey liver, the dynamic duo of lean protein and essential nutrients that will have your fur baby leaping for joy.

Next, we roll in organic oats—nutritious and comforting, just like Grandma's oatmeal cookies. But wait, there's more! With a colorful splash of pumpkin, sweet potatoes, and apples, this meal turns into a feast of flavors and fiber.

Of course, we can't forget the added benefits of cod liver oil, kelp, calcium carbonate, and a pinch of salt, all mingling together in a gently cooked, love-infused bowl of wonder.

On to the nitty-gritty of portions:

  • For adult pups, it’s 5.0 ounces for every 10 lbs. of wagging wonder.
  • For the kiddos, soon-to-be-mommies, and milk-making mamas, serve up 9.50 ounces per 10 lbs.

Storing this gastronomic triumph is as easy as a basic sit command. Just freeze it, and thaw it in the fridge when you're ready for the great unveiling. Once it's thawed, keep it sealed to savor its freshness for up to 7 days, and once you've let the aroma loose, use it up within 5 days.

So, doting hoomans, why fill your dog’s bowl with anything less than this medley of nutritional harmony? Give the kibble a break and serve up some Turkey and Oats Gently Cooked Recipe!

Time to fetch those forks and bowls, and let’s make mealtime a tail-wagging affair! 🐾🍽️

Details for Hoomans:

INGREDIENTS: Ground Turkey, Turkey Liver, Organic Oats, Pumpkin, Sweet Potatoes, Apples, Cod Liver Oil, Kelp, Calcium Carbonate, Salt.

*All ingredients are gently cooked with love.

Adult Dog: Feed 5.0 ounces for every 10 lb. of dog’s weight. Puppy, Pregnant, or Lactating: Feed 9.50 ounces for every 10 lb. of dog’s weight.

Store in a freezer, thaw in refrigerator. Thawed, stays fresh sealed up to 7 days, once open use within 5 days.

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