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Chicken & Veggie | Keto Recipe

Chicken & Veggie | Keto Recipe

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Bark-tastic greetings, adoring hoomans! Chef Ellie here, wagging my tail in culinary excitement. Why, you ask? Because I'm bringing you a dish that's the ultimate in woof-worthy deliciousness: Chicken & Veggie Low-Ratio Ketogenic Recipe! 🐔🥦

Oh boy, do we have a meal for you—or more precisely, for your furry friend. We're talking top-notch chicken necks, liver, and skin. These aren't just any cuts; they're your ticket to a doggie nutritional wonderland, brimming with proteins, healthy fats, and essential vitamins.

But hold your barks, we're adding a garden-fresh twist with a lush medley of broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots!

The result? A veggie-packed delight that serves up fiber and antioxidants like they're going out of style. Raspberries join the mix for that sweet little zing, all harmoniously rounded out with cod liver oil, salt, and kelp. As always, each ingredient is gently cooked with a wag-full of love.

Feeding time is also party time, and here's how it goes:

  • For the big dogs and little adults, offer 5.0 ounces per 10 lbs. of your best friend.
  • The little yippers, future moms, and lactating ladies need 9.50 ounces for every 10 lbs.

Storage? Easier than rolling over for a belly rub! Just freeze it, and when it's grub time, thaw it in the fridge. Once you've thawed it out, keep it sealed and it will stay as fresh as morning dew for up to 7 days. Once open, gobble it up within 5 days.

So, hoomans, are you ready to swap that everyday kibble for a culinary masterpiece? Give your four-legged family member a seat at the high table with Chicken & Veggie Low-Ratio Ketogenic Recipe.

Bowls and appetites at the ready—let's dig in! 🐾🍲

Details for Hoomans:

INGREDIENTS: Chicken Necks, Chicken Liver, Chicken Skin, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Carrots, Raspberries, Cod Liver Oil, Salt, Kelp.

*All ingredients are gently cooked with love.

Adult Dog: Feed 5.0 ounces for every 10 lb. of dog’s weight. Puppy, Pregnant, or Lactating: Feed 9.50 ounces for every 10 lb. of dog’s weight.

Store in a freezer, thaw in refrigerator. Thawed, stays fresh sealed up to 7 days, once open use within 5 days.

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