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Bison & Quinoa | Low-Fat Recipe

Bison & Quinoa | Low-Fat Recipe

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Woof, woof! Chef Ellie here again, and let me tell you, this next recipe is where the culinary wild meets wholesome nutrition. Feast your eyes (and your doggo's taste buds) on my Bison & Quinoa Gently Cooked, Low-Fat Recipe! 🦬🌾

Listen up, hoomans! This dish is a true game-changer. Starting with lean, protein-rich ground bison and bison liver, I've crafted a recipe that gives a whole new meaning to the term "prime cuts."

I pair that meaty goodness with quinoa—a true superfood for superdogs like yours truly. Now, let's talk veggies: Sweet potatoes for fiber, cauliflower for antioxidants, and green beans for that extra crunch.

Topped off with organic bone broth, blueberries, bone meal, cod liver oil, and kelp, this is a meal that's practically howling with flavor and nutrition.

Feeding guide? No worries, I've sniffed that out:

  • For the adult tail-waggers, you'll need 5.0 ounces for every 10 lbs. of loyal companion.
  • If you're a pup-in-training, expecting, or lactating, fetch yourself 9.50 ounces per 10 lbs.

Storage is simpler than digging a hole in the backyard. Freeze it, and when it's mealtime, thaw it in the fridge. After thawing, it stays pawsitively delicious for up to 7 days when sealed, and 5 days once opened.

So, caring hoomans, why let your four-legged friend settle for less when they can dine like canine royalty? Kick that kibble to the curb and go wild with Bison & Quinoa Gently Cooked, Low-Fat Recipe.

Paws, forks, and napkins ready—let's dig in! 🐾🍴

Details for Hoomans:

INGREDIENTS: Ground Bison, Bison Liver, Quinoa, Sweet Potatoes, Cauliflower, Green Beans, Organic Bone Broth, Blueberries, Bone Meal, Cod Liver Oil, Kelp.

*All ingredients are gently cooked with love.

Adult Dog: Feed 5.0 ounces for every 10 lb. of dog’s weight. Puppy, Pregnant, or Lactating: Feed 9.50 ounces for every 10 lb. of dog’s weight.

Store in a freezer, thaw in refrigerator. Thawed, stays fresh sealed up to 7 days, once open use within 5 days.

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